How to use the washing machine and tumble dryer.

Any use of the laundry room, and belongings left there is at your own risk and responsibility.

From the kitchen, use the backdoor and go down the stairs to the back yard. On the opposite site you find the laundry room. Use the key with the square head.

A booking is 2 hours, you can book 2 slots in a row = 4 hours. Find the right date and and write AHG 7 4 tv in the time slot you want to book.

The cost is at the moment 23,- Dkk. for a wash and is inserted as coins in the box to the right. A wash takes around 1 hour. (remaining time will be shown on a display) There is a tumble dryer to the right. That one also run on coins. Leave the setting to 3/4 power.

Remember you must bring your own washing powder. Nearest supermarket is NETTO At Anders Henriksens Gade.

There are dry racks where you can dry your clothes, dont bring wet clothes to the apartment.

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